Problems with Pixel Phones with Wireless Charger

Problems with Pixel Phones with Wireless Charger

With some owners of Pixel smartphones, the devices no longer want to accept any wireless charger, which is probably a software error.

Google: Once again, an update doesn’t just bring good things. Some owners of the last Pixel smartphones with wireless charging have had problems since the update to the March security patch. The devices should no longer charge on third-party chargers, instead, they always spit out the same error message. However, the error does not occur completely on all devices, that is the good news.

Now put your smartphone neatly on the charger!

With my Pixel 5, my charger is still recognized, which is not from Google, but from an unknown third-party provider. Others are worse off, you can read on Reddit, among others: “Now I keep getting the error“ Align the phone to the shop ”, a user wrote there a few days ago. Other people agree with this and have to struggle with their own problems. Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 are equally affected.

Is of course a very niche problem. On the one hand, there are not very many owners of the expensive Pixel smartphones, and only a certain part is likely to rely on wireless charging at all. It is all the more difficult to classify the problem, whether it occurs over a large area or only with very few people. Insofar as you are also affected by it, a bug in the software seems to be responsible and not you yourself.

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