Microsoft Surface Duo 2 already in the making, should be released this year

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 already in the making, should be released this year

According to recent reports, it won’t be long before Microsoft presents the Surface Duo 2. The focus should be on the software.

It had been available in the US for a good six months (and already experienced a few price reductions) before it was officially available in Europe. The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first Android smartphone and probably one of the most exciting devices in the recent past. Now there are indications of the successor.

As insiders in contact with Windows Latest report, the company is preparing for a Surface Duo 2. It has been in development since the second half of 2020 and should appear in autumn 2021. In the same breath, however, it also means that you cannot always rely on Microsoft’s plans.

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Microsoft is investing in the foldable future of Android

Apart from the hardware, which should be revamped with a new generation, the software is the main focus of the Surface Duo. Microsoft wants to bring the whole subject of foldables significantly forward in close cooperation with Google. That’s why the release of Android 11 takes time.

Reviews of the Surface Duo praised its design, display, and hinge, but software issues ruined the product. According to sources, this new duo places “special emphasis” on fixing and improving the software, including the camera app.

Windows Latest has not only discovered inside information, but also job advertisements. Accordingly, Microsoft is constantly expanding the team involved in the development of the Surface Duo 2.

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These Surface products are also expected to appear in 2021

A Surface Duo 2 isn’t the only Surface product we can expect from Microsoft this year. The Redmond-based tech company will also present the Surface Laptop 4 around April and a Surface Pro 8 around October or November.

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