I am very uncomfortable when people tell me that they like me

Corinne Masiero at the Sébastopol theater in Lille, March 16.

Promised sworn, The world was not in the secret. The appointment was made before the famous 46e evening of the Caesars of March 12, during which the heroine of the series Captain Marleau, invited to present the prize for the best costumes, appeared around 11:10 pm on the stage of the Olympia, in Paris, disguised as Donkey skin. Before removing her pelisse then her bloody dress, reddened tampons as earrings (in reference to the horror film Carrie, by Brian De Palma, in 1977), and to find oneself naked, two slogans drew on the skin: « No culture, no future [sic] » face side and “Makes [sic] us Art, Jean [Castex, premier ministre] » in the back. Guaranteed effect.

We find the militant actress no longer at home, in Roubaix, as planned, but at the Sébastopol Theater in Lille, where she supports the struggle of intermittents, who have occupied it since March 15 to demand the reopening of places of culture. On the outskirts, the police vans form a signposted route to the “artists’ entrance”. Corinne Masiero faces the monumental mirror of the theater bar, in which are reflected the chandelier, the red moleskin bench, the piano. For her, it will be a Ch’ti, the local beer. ” Excuse me. “ Friends warn her by text: “Son Tapie insulted you”, she reads aloud. The “Mother Balkany” too. “What the hell do I care!” “

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The insult – “I don’t want to see this ugly species » – was uttered by Stéphane Tapie in “Touche pas à mon poste”, on March 15th. One among many others, more or less sexist, in the fashion: a postmenopausal woman does not have to show off; only slim, young and “beautiful” bodies should strip.

Beauty, a vast subject. Facing the mirror, Corinne Masiero brandishes her glass: “Beer is very good for the hair! “ His, red, descend into a perfect oval at the height of the shoulder blades. In a black spindle and orange sweater, she has the energetic charm, far from the frumpy captain of the hit series. However, “There are more people who say I’m ugly than people who say I’m beautiful. And this is correct. “ Everything is a question of point of view, as explained so well, in his opinion, the film written by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri The taste of Others, the only one she has on her computer. “What is not normal is that a standard is set up as a rule. “

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