Geely wants to compete with Tesla in the electric vehicle market

Geely wants to compete with Tesla in the electric vehicle market

Chinese automaker Geely, which owns the Swedish Volvo brand and a minority stake in Germany’s Daimler AG, plans to compete with Tesla in the electric vehicle market. For this, Geely is going to launch a new sub-brand, under which it will produce premium electric cars.

The new Chinese electric vehicles will be produced by Lingling Technologies, a new subsidiary of Geely. And the sub-brand itself will be called Zeekr. This is Geely’s response to Tesla’s rapidly growing share of the Chinese auto market. And in order to compete with Elon Musk’s company, the Chinese auto giant is even ready to move away from its usual marketing strategy.

Sources cited by the Gizmochina portal note that Geely has chosen a direct selling strategy for the new brand. This method involves selling cars directly to customers at a single fixed price in all their shopping centers, that is, without intermediaries or dealers. In this way, the company will be able to establish closer contact with customers and make car prices more favorable by reducing costs. In addition, Geely plans to create a car owners club with an exclusive service.

Zeekr electric vehicles will be built on the company’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform, unveiled in September last year. It uses aluminum and a battery system with a service life of about 2 million kilometers. The platform is suitable for various types of vehicles – from sedans and crossovers to vans and pickups. The sources do not specify which cars will be included in the Zeekr lineup.

It’s worth noting that Geely has yet to make an official announcement regarding the launch of the new sub-brand. But the company does not hide its interest in a car with electric motors. Over the past few months, it has entered into a series of agreements with various suppliers to position itself as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

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