Canon works on converter that will turn DSLM to DSLR (rumor)

Canon works on converter that will turn DSLM to DSLR (rumor)

This rumor is … extraordinary. Canon is reportedly working on a converter that can turn a DSLM into a DSLR.

The problem with the different systems

The change from the classic reflex camera to the mirrorless system camera was a great challenge for Canon & Co. How do you solve the problem with different bayonets? Will you primarily focus on DSLRs or DSLMs in the future? How do you continue to bind users to your own brand, even if they are to buy completely new lenses for mirrorless system cameras?

There have been a variety of scenarios over the past few years and we now know how Canon decided. The EOS R is equipped with a completely new bayonet, but old lenses can still be used thanks to an adapter. There are also the EOS M cameras – also with their own bayonet.

Converter could turn DSLM into DSLR

Now a major Japanese magazine has published a report that contains two pieces of interesting information. For one thing, Canon will supposedly not launch a DSLM for professional sports photographers until 2021 – we have already dealt with that in this article. On the other hand, the magazine reports that Canon is working on a converter that should be able to convert a DSLM into a DSLR:

“We are also developing a converter that can join a mirrorless camera to an interchangeable lens for a single lens reflex camera.”

Sounds crazy? Definitely. But if you look back to 2018, you will find a patent there that shows exactly this conveter. It is, so to speak, a “stem” that supplements a mirrorless system camera with a mirror box, an optical viewfinder and another bayonet. This stem, which can be attached to the front of a DSLM, looks like this on the patent:

Don’t ask me how exactly such a converter would work and what Canon plans to do with it – I don’t know. If I want to use an optical viewfinder and EF lenses, I’ll just stick with a DSLR. Buying an EOS R in order to then put the converter on the front and still get a DSLR again, that somehow doesn’t seem so useful to me. And if it’s just about using EF lenses on the EOS R, then there’s a normal lens adapter for that.

I honestly doubt that such a converter will ever hit the market, even if it sounds a little different in the Japanese magazine’s report.

Can you imagine a scenario in which such a converter would be really useful?

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