A 100 year old lens in use again

A 100 year old lens in use again

Not only do you buy twice when you buy cheap, but nowadays something rarely has the value that you actually have to shell out, and certainly not anything beyond that. It is not just a perceived truth that at the end of the warranty period you can actually assume that a new purchase is pending, regardless of whether it is a television, washing machine, coffee maker, or another device in your own household.

I even think that there have also been successful lawsuits against Apple, but as a rule, one rarely hears or reads about it, after all, the good news (for consumers and the like) is not as popular as the next bad news.

It looked a little different in the past, but it was maybe just a coincidence because people just wanted to do a good job without making the maximum possible profit. Or just had a little bit of morality left in them. Or I just imagine it, who knows?

In any case, Mathieu Stern took a 100-year-old camera lens, plugged it into an up-to-date camera, and used it to take a few pictures in Vienna. Is not razor sharp or totally breathtaking, but then it works more or less flawlessly and shows that the thing is still quite passable despite its enormous age:

This lens spent 100 years in the dark, the last thing it captured must have been the horrors of World War I … I think it was time to use it for something more light and positive.
I took this Kodak Vest Pocket camera lens with me for a short trip to Vienna (Austria) to shoot some test footage.
I must say I was pretty amazed by the sharpness and the quality of the image I saw on my screen.
It was mounted using m42 hélicoïdal adapter + M42 to C mount adapter + rubber bands from an old bike tire

Quality goods. Not a problem before.


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