7 types of non-lethal weapons for self-defense on the street

7 types of non-lethal weapons for self-defense on the street
7 types of non-lethal weapons for self-defense on the street

Non-lethal self-defense weapons are a great addition to your everyday EDC kit. You just need to clearly understand how to use this weapon in extreme situations.

They will not help you if you are confused and unable to pull it out and use it in a stressful situation. Therefore – training, training, and training again. By itself, nothing

If you decide to choose a simple weapon for self-defense that does not require a permit – which one will you choose? Here is a small overview of such tools. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with it – carrying such a non-lethal weapon is generally better than being without it.

Before you are ready to defend yourself with them, you need to learn how to use them well. There are several reasons for this:

  • Non-lethal weapons are well suited to protect against goods and other criminal street elements, replacing or complementing firearms.
  • If you do not have a permit to carry a firearm, you can still select a weapon from the list – and defend yourself with it.
  • Not all criminals really deserve to die. Plus, if you shoot someone, you can be blamed for the end result. And therefore, non-lethal weapons are an excellent option for self-defense.
  • They are much more effective than they appear, and disarm the enemy, allowing you to get away from trouble instead of creating new ones.

Non-lethal weapons can be extremely dangerous!

Yes, these weapons are non-lethal by default. But some of them can become so. This is not a knife or a barrel, but nevertheless, they can also cause harm.

They are also called “less dangerous”, or weapons for fighting. And no one cancels the fact that it is possible to beat with a baton or an electric shock to a pulp. And there, not far from real death.

If you finish off your attacker, you will most likely be brought to trial. And then the chances of going to jail will become illusory.

Don’t fall for that. Make sure you are good with your non-lethal weapon so you don’t accidentally kill anyone.

So, let’s begin.

7 types of non-lethal means for self-defense

1. Tactical pen

Tactical Pen - Non-lethal weapon for outdoor self-defense

This is one of the most interesting and versatile weapons on the list.

A pen with a huge metal or titanium body pointed at the end, allows you to both writes with it and beat the attacker. Some models have built-in and more serious tools – a knife, flashlight, bottle opener.

It does not take up much space, is not particularly noticeable, and, accordingly, it is one of the best weapons for self-defense.

The tactical pen can also break glass if you need to escape from somewhere.

2. Stun gun or stun gun

Stun gun - Non-lethal weapon for self-defense on the street

A great option for those who do not want or cannot afford a regular pistol.

A regular stun gun can also be useful in fighting off a good, but it is much more effective to use a stun gun, which will immobilize an enemy from a distance. And then just walk away quickly.

They fit well in pockets and are easy to use – you just need to know how to aim. Attention, getting into the heart can be lethal!

3. Pepper spray

Pepper Spray - Non-lethal weapon for outdoor self-defense

An old but reliable method is to make the attacker happy with a pepper mixture from a spray can and dump it to hell.

Depending on the manufacturer, the jet can fly at a distance of up to 1.5-2 meters, and the vigor of the mixture can be such that the one who threatened you will become a victim himself. You should call an ambulance to be pumped out – and then he will go straight to the police.

But don’t fall into yourself, please! Otherwise, you will need help already.

4. Tactical whip for self-defense

Tactical Whip - Non-lethal weapon for outdoor self-defense

It can be attached to your bag or belt for easy access.

Unlike a knife, in principle, either side can be hit to fight back. These whips can cause quite severe damage and are easy to hide when folded.

5. Tactical flashlight

Tactical Flashlight - Non-lethal weapon for outdoor self-defense

One of the best options is to combine a flashlight and an impact agent in one device (from special teeth along the edge of the lens and/or end face, and to a baton flashlight).

They can both illuminate the street for themselves if you need to climb somewhere at night and fight off the attacker. If the flashlight has a strobe function, the strongest blinking beam will disorient the enemy. And if that doesn’t help, the flashlight can be used to hit the enemy and block his attacks.

6. Cudgel

Self-Defense Baton - Non-lethal outdoor self-defense weapon

The simplest, rough, straightforward choice – and a working one. Such a baton can be combined with a flashlight, but you can also find a classic version for self-defense, improved by modern technology.

It can easily discourage an intruder from climbing towards you. In unsafe places, consider holding such a baton, or even a larger one, at home for self-defense.

7. Self-defense whistle

Self-Defense Whistle - Non-lethal weapon for outdoor self-defense

Such whistles are far from ordinary. Their volume is incredibly high, and if you carry such a device with you, you will need something like earplugs. The sound can be heard from a distance of over 3 kilometers!

Most likely, the attacker will not be able to do absolutely anything, being completely disoriented.


This non-lethal self-defense weapon will be an excellent choice if for some reason you cannot or do not want to carry firearms or edged weapons. Search the web for the products you like (and there are a lot of brands and models now!), Choose the one that meets your expectations, try it in a safe environment. And keep this non-lethal weapon close to you.

We strongly recommend taking special training courses – they are available for almost every self-defense tool.

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